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Relationship Between Apolipoprotein and Alzheimer’s Disease

Apolipoprotein E is a type of protein that is involved in the metabolism of the fats in the body. Studies have confirmed that there has been the implication of the apolipoprotein in the Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular conditions. APOE tend to interact with the low-density protein receptors which are responsible for normal processing of the triglyceride-rich protein. APOE is a type of lipoprotein and is mainly produced in the liver. To understand the relationship between apolipoprotein and alzheimer’s disease, follow this link:

The cholesterol and other fats are carried through the bloodstream as small package using the lipoprotein. One more function of the lipoprotein is the breakdown of the fat. APOE belong to a specific group of lipoprotein known as low-density lipoprotein. All the cholesterol that is processed in the lived is ferried through the bloodstream using the low-density lipoprotein. You can therefore easily maintain the normal level of the choretriol in your body and thus preventing the occurrence of the cardiovascular diseases.

The APOE lipoprotein has three isomers; APOE2, E3, and, E4. The difference between the three is minimal.

Among the three form, the most common one is the APOE3. According to a study, people who have one copy of the E4 tend to have a higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. If you inherit two copies of the E4, you have higher chance of getting the disease. It is however not clear on the relationship between APOE E4 and Alzheimer condition. The disease will develop quickly when you have these proteins.

The main cause of dementia among the seniors is Alzheimer's disease. People with dementia progressively losses memory, language, and other cognitive functions. The disease affect the part of the brain that is responsible for the cognition activities. for the people who have higher copies of apolipoprotein E2, they have lower riks of getting AD condition.

Some cardiovascular disorders are associated with APOE. People with the E2 copies tend to have a high level of cholesterol, increased risk of heart attack, and stroke. Coronary artery disease is associated with the copies of E4.

There are specific kinds of people who are an ideal candidate for this condition. You are a risk if in your family you have a history of dementia or memory loss. One more thing to watch is a pattern of reducing intellectual ability. If you have a reduction of speech and language that is not related to any other condition, then you are at a risk of developing apolipoprotein E related conditions.

You might be wondering whether you are at a risk of Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular condition. The apolipoprotein E testing available on the market will assist you to know your status. Umbrella Scientific is one of the best dealer of the best APOE testing kits.

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